Caroline Sturken – An Insight into Environmental Well-Being

When it comes to environmental well-being, it helps people live a lifestyle that is respectful to the eco-system and surroundings. It helps them to live in harmony with the Earth as well as with the personal environment. Environmental well being generates interaction with nature, and those in touch with environmental consciousness are able to increase their awareness of life and lead a meaningful life.

Caroline Sturken is studying in college and is a student of philosophy, politics, and law. She enjoys studying the above subjects and is passionate and highly motivated in her studies. She is a native of San Diego in California and is currently employed as a massage therapist. Her primary objective is to help friends and family alleviate the stress that often is the cause of several mental and physical ailments.

She says that clients play a significant role in every massage therapy session, and she hopes to educate them on ways to take home massage therapy sessions, especially during the current times of the Pandemic.

Respect as the core principle of environmental well-being

Respect is the core principle of environmental well-being. It is respect for nature and all the species that live in it. Environmental well-being never mandates one should join an organization or a movement; however, it does the environment a person to practice habits that promote a healthy environment. When you become an aware environment, you are able to understand how daily habits affect the environment. Enhancing environmental well-being is easy, and it results in a better-aligned lifestyle for the person.

The route to environmental well-being

Once your route to environmental well-being, it becomes simple to execute it. There are multiple practices to make you environmentally conscious, and you can embrace them to boost your relationship with the environment. The root of environmental well-being is conservation. They have been listed below-

  • Energy conservation.
  • Volunteering with organizations specializing in environmental well-being.
  • Being aware of the natural resources of the Earth. Identifying and understanding the role of natural resources.
  • Spending time outdoors and boost vitamin D in the body.

Understanding social wellness

Social wellness means the relationships that people have and how they interact with other people. Relationships give you support during challenging times. Social wellness refers to the establishment of building healthy relationships that are supportive and nurturing in nature. It includes fostering a genuine connection with those people around you. It helps you take conscious actions when it comes to aligning your social life with your professional and academic lives. Social wellness involves the unique requirements of a romantic relationship with other components of your life.

With the help of social wellness, you are able to create limits that boost communication, conflict management, and trust. Incorporating a good approach to social wellness is fundamental for establishing emotional resilience.

According to Caroline Sturken one can enhance social well-being by reflecting on themselves and their social needs. One can join a local organization or club. Practicing disclosure and making an effort to be in touch with supportive family and friends help people boost their social well-being.