Is Industrial Engineering a Good Career?

Before answering the question that whether a career in Industrial engineering worth it or not, let’s first understand what is a good career? A good career is the one that serves your interests, avails your services, and provides you a respectable living. If you get thrilled at the prospect of being responsible for cleanliness, cleaning the streets can be a good career. If you can make people laugh, even stand up comedy is a great career. Cutting short, if you are attracted to the prospect of playing with numbers, communicating with people, and improve existing processes/systems to work in the best shape, then industrial engineering suits you a great deal Industrial Engineering

Moreover, it will ask something more than the mere interest level for you to choose a career path. That is why we bring for you three main reasons that will help you chose industrial engineering as a major.

  1. Multi-sector expertise: One of the most common things said about the IEs in the market today is that they are virtually in every industry vertical today. If you have qualified as an IE, and you have the skillset, you can get hired in manufacturing, hardware, technology, healthcare, retail, and many more industries.        
  2. Combine business acumen with technical skills: Many of the leading universities, in IE major degree, offer business classes along with IE coursework. The areas of interest include logistics, analytics, and supply chain management. This will not just make you highly suitable for a business startup, but will also make your industrial engineering degree an ideal starting point for an MBA specializing in finance, marketing, and supply chain management, which will special complement the technical side of IE.
  3. Understand & work ‘big data’: It is of no surprise that one of the most flourishing fields today include big data. With increasing and complex chunks of a database, every company wants to hire professionals that know how to work with big data and make greater business progress. As an industrial engineering, you will have an opportunity to make inroads in this field and avail of a great future.

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