Joseph Cipolla Chicago – How Can You Capture Rich Autumn Colors in Your Photographs

Autumn is a lovely season, and its rich foliage has a lot of colors that enliven the senses. Autumn is an amazing time for you to take some of your best shots if you are a photographer. Whether you are a new or seasoned photographer, it has a lot to offer when it comes to warmth, color, and charm.


Joseph Cipolla Chicago – Capturing the amazing colors of autumn


Joseph Cipolla Chicago is a photographer from Illinois in Chicago, USA. He loves to take photographs and often shares some amazing tips on how you can improve the quality of your pictures for amateur photographs. He says when it comes to capturing the best autumn foliage, you should keep the following tips in mind-


  1. Location of place- This will sum up everything. You need to shortlist the location first. There are some amazing places where you can see a lot of Fall hues and colors. As a photographer, you should physically visit the location and spend some time there. In this way, you can witness the changing colors in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Once you have made a note of how the location changes its hues during different times of the day, you can go back with your camera and take all the shots you want to.


  1. Light- Light is important, but it is not the sole factor that will influence your photo sessions. Some experienced photographers recommend that you at least take the weather report for seven days before you go to the location. It is helpful, but at the same time, you can also shoot when the sky is overcast. Natural light is great, but in case you can’t get it, you can always use the settings in your camera to get the desired effects. The biggest advantage of an overcast sky is you can take photographs the whole day. If you examine the colors of autumn, you will find most of them are saturated in nature, and they contrast well with gray skies.


  1. Exposure- Matrix metering works well for any photograph irrespective of the clouds and sun. You can check the histogram to see whether highlights are being clipped or not. Cloud cover is great for shooting pictures during the autumn months. When you are shooting a landscape, do not open the aperture as this will sacrifice the depth of the photograph that you take. If you are holding the camera with your hand, you should increase the shutter speed to capture great pictures and push the ISO further for a better shot.


As per Joseph Cipolla Chicago when you are taking pictures outdoors for autumn, make sure you use a good quality tripod for the task. If the weather is not windy and calm, you can keep the setting of the ISO low. This helps you to alleviate worries about the exposure duration. Elevated plains give you some great pictures during the Fall season. You can check them out and ensure the height offers you a grand view of colors and plains perfectly merged together in the shot.