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Graphology at Home – Lesson 19 – Know Anyone Instantly

o How Do You Cross Your ‘t’s and Dot Your ‘i’s?

1 cross evenly balanced= attention to details

2 cross to right= quick, aggressive

3 cross and dot to left= conflict with father’s ideals or prefers mother’s;
hesitation; difficulty in making decisions

4 cross missing=absent-mindedness; becomes preoccupied;
inattention to details

5 cross ascending=desire to improve situation

6 cross descending=belligerence

7 cross descending with pressure=belligerence/confidence

8 cross low=composed

9 cross pointed=sharp-tongue; harshly critical personality

10 cross heavy and pointed=determination/sarcasm

11 cross thin then thick=savagery

12 cross light=lack of confidence

13 cross heavy=confidence; self-reliant

14 cross heavy and down stroke light=This type of writing usually reflects mother as dominant figure in child’s life, be this for the positive or negative. In the rare instances that the writer’s father is actually the dominant parent, it is always only in a negative sense (cruel, missing or dead).

15 cross long and heavy=determination/confidence

16 cross very long=determination/drive

17 cross very short=suppression; withholds ideas, desires or feelings from consciousness

18 cross hooked=resolute; has or shows a fixed firm purpose

19 cross incurving=envious; desire for the possessions of others

20 cross convex shaped=self-restraint

21 cross concave shaped=fickleness; inconstant

22 cross wavy=sense of fun

23 cross/dot joins following letter=clever linking up of ideas

24 all punctuation marks exactly placed=attention to minute details; memory; power of reproducing past impressions; recall; frequently brings back the awareness of specific situations; strong adherence to details

25 dot like arrow=cranky; irritable

26 dot curved as ‘laughing mouth’=witty; cleverly amusing

27 dot as arc to right=attentiveness; heedful

28 dot ‘muddy’=”physical”/depression

29 dot round and exactly placed=goes by the rule

30 cross very hooked=very resolute; has or shows a very fixed firm purpose

o What Type of Writing Do You Have?

1 school-copy; Palmer script=adherence to tradition; conventionality; customary practice

2 round= soft manner; subdued, easily suppressed, influenced, imposed upon

3 garland shaped=flexibility; willing to yield

4 angular shaped=rigid; stiff; inflexible

5 extremely angular shaped=extremely rigid; inflexible

6 thready shaped=non-committal; does not easily reveal position or purpose; intuition into the activity of others; at times, hysteria

7 legible=understandable; easily understood by others

8 Illegible=difficult to understand

9 graceful=elegance

10 ungraceful=inconsistent moods

11 inharmonious, graceless forms=lack of mental organization

12 ugly writing=ugly character

13 deteriorated= ill-health

14 shaky=instability (physical and/or emotional)

15 simplified; unembellished= intelligence

16 speedy; crosses and/or dots right of stem= quick personality

17 slow; crosses and/or dots left of stem=slow reactions

18 very round=very soft manner; subdued; very easily impressed, influenced or imposed upon

19 extremely angular and large=extremely rigid/pride

20 slow and curved= gentleness; mild; tender

o Are Your Capital Letters Tall, Small, etc?

1 printed= intelligence and culture

2 large= pride; delight or satisfaction in achievements, possessions, vanity, etc.

3 very large=extreme pride/conceit

4 small=modesty; behaves according to a standard of what is proper

5 small sized capital (personal pronoun) I=unassuming; not bold or forward

6 flourished=exhibitionism

7 small and low placed cross bar=humble

8 simple looking and low placed cross bar=humility; very unassuming; total lack of boldness; not at all forward

9 ugly, coarse=offensive; provocative

10 with hooks=self-centeredness; concerned mainly with own affairs

11 endstroke going through capital of name=disappointed with self

12 no capitals, especially by name=poor self-regard

13 both oval parts of capital I (in script) approximately same size (see arrows)= appears that both parents effected the child equally

14 top part of capital I (in script) twisted or angular shaped (see arrow)= apparent parental conflict

15 bottom part of capital I (in script) twisted or angular shaped (see arrow) = apparent parental conflict

16 large and unusual=megalomania; delusions of grandeur

17 large and unflourished or inflated=pride, vanity, exhibitionism

o How Do You Shape Your Small Letters?

1 printed= intelligence and culture

2 square shaped= building capability; constructiveness

3 bottoms of letters angular shaped=piercing, sharp personality

4 extremely ornamented= mental confusion

5 musical notes=personality of composer

6 figure shaped= mathematical aptitude; numerically adept

7 different shape of same letter= likes variety

8 size of same small letters, a, c, e, etc; varies=vacillating

9 d looped=susceptible, especially to flattery

10 Greek d=good taste; cultured

11 e shaped as two concave arcs to right=surveillance; good at watching over others

12 g shaped as figure 8=mental speed

13 humps of m same height=balance; mental/emotional equilibrium

14 first hump of m much higher than second=condescending; can treat others with insufficient dignity

15 p made as simple stroke=liveliness

16 v covering word=protective; shelters

17 exceedingly heavy downstrokes (notice arrows)= authority figure

o How Do You Slant Your Writing?

When you superimpose your writing on the chart below, it will probably correspond to one particular slant.

1 very reclined slant to the left=very cold character (cold-heartedness). In the majority of people, this type of writing reflects the mother as the dominant figure in the child’s life, whether this is for the positive or the negative. In the rare instance, when the father is the dominant figure in the child’s life, it is always only in the negative sense (cruel, missing or dead); authority figure

2 reclined slant to the left=cold character; very cold (mother usually dominant figure in child’s life

3 vertical slant of writing= cool character; authority figure

4 inclined slant of writing to the right=warm nature; friendly, loving and ardent

5 very inclined slant of writing to the right=very warm nature; very friendly, loving and ardent

6 slant of writing angle frequently changes= moodiness; uncertain temperament

o What Type of Writing Pressure Do You Exert?

1 heavy=forcefulness; compelling

2 pasty=sensuousness; easily affected through the senses

3 heavy and pasty=forcefulness; compelling; sensuousness; easily affected through the senses

4 light=passive; mentally and/or physically unenthusiastic

5 very light=very passive; extremely unenthusiastic, physically and/or mentally

6 extremely light=ill-health (physical and/or mental); physical or mental weakness

7 even pressure throughout writing= steadiness; not given to sudden changes in behavior, loyalty or disposition

8 uneven pressure throughout writing=unsteady; can be erratic in habits, purpose and behavior

o Does Your Writing Ascend or Descend?

1 level base line of writing=straightforwardness; upright and frank

2 ascending base line=aspiration/”up”; ardent desire for advancement

3 descending base line= fatigue (physical and/or mental); depression; pessimism; looks on the dark side of things

4 wavy base line of writing=deviousness; roundabout; not ‘straight’

5 base line of writing first descends then straightens= initial skepticism rectified; perseverance; persistent in any business or enterprise undertaken

o Are Your Small Letters Large or Small?

Compare your small letters, a,c,e,i,m,n,o,r,s,u,v,w and x with the following:

1 large=pride, sociability, love of grandeur

2 very large= love of grandeur/exceedingly proud

3 large and ‘strange’=megalomania; eerie

4 small=humility

5 very small=low self-worth

6 small and light=humility/passive

7 small and cramped= pettiness/restricted

o How Much Writing Space Do You Take?

1 wide spacing between words=aesthetic judgment; sense of beauty; social poise

2 wide spacing between letters and words=aesthetic judgment; sense of beauty; social poise; unselfish

3 generally wide spacing=aesthetic judgment; social poise; sense of beauty

4 generally uneven spacing=poor social judgment

5 irregular spacing between words=inconsistent social judgment

6 poor spacing; upperlengths of letters below intrude into line above=poor social behavior

7 cramped=restricted; restrained; confined

8 words and lines not entangled= clearminded

9 words and lines entangled= confusion; muddleheadedness; blundering

o Do You Connect or Disconnect Your Writing?

1letters connected=decisions based more upon facts than intuition

2 letters and words connected=stubbornness; does not easily yield, obey or comply

3 disconnections between letters=intuitiveness; instantaneous comprehension without conscious use of reasoning; intuitiveness plays major role in decision making process

4 complete disconnection of letters throughout writing=impractical/moody

5 shaky connections=trembling; feels great fear or anxiety; can shake involuntarily

o What Type of Beginning Stroke, Endstroke, Upstroke, Downstroke & Cross-stroke Do You Use?

1 long ascending stroke under initial letter=grates on peoples nerves

2 beginning stroke inturned= egotism; excessive reference to and concern with self; selfishness/greed

3 no beginning stroke= to the point

4 endstroke extended rightward = sympathetic; feels compassion for others

5 endstroke very heavy =very inhumane; lacks characteristics normal to human beings; extremely unfeeling and hard-hearted

6 endstroke ascends to right= challenging; frequently objects to the accuracy of given statements or situations

7 downstroke descends to right=unresolved father protest

8 endstroke descending and pointed=sadistic; gets pleasure from mistreating or hurting others

9 break in downstroke and pointed (see arrows) = physical (localized) ailment

10 endstroke thickens=becomes inhumane

11 club-shaped endstroke=inhumane; battering

12 weak endstroke descending to right=weakness; lacking in force

13 endstroke hooked back=egotism, greed, possessiveness

14 endstroke turned back=egotistic; greed; selfishness

15 no endstroke=short with others

16 firm downstrokes (see arrows)= adamant; unyielding

17 exceedingly heavy down strokes (see arrow)= authority figure; being fond of giving orders

18 exceedingly heavy cross strokes and weak down strokes (see arrows)= lack of positive father image

19 endstroke heavy, descending and pointed=inhumane; sadistic

20 heavy pressure on upstroke (see arrow)= symptom of physical disease (malfunction)

o What Type of Margins Do You Form?

1 even margins, left, right, top and bottom=organized character

2 left and right margins uneven=changeable; having the quality of seeking diversity

3 left margin widens as it descends=enthusiasm, unthrifty

4 very wide margins, left, right, top and bottom=withdrawn; taste; sense of beauty and color

o Are Your ‘a’s & ‘o’s Opened or Closed?

1 a’s and o’s open at top (see arrows) = open; revealing

2 a’s and o’s very open at top (see arrow) = very open; very revealing

3 a’s and o’s usually open at top, sometimes closed=sufficiently open and can keep a secret

4 a’s and o’s closed at top= secretiveness; tendency to conceal thoughts, feelings from others

5 a’s and o’s usually closed at top, sometimes open=usually secretive; rarely reveals about personal life, except for those very close; occasionally open

6 a’s and o’s knotted at top (see arrow) = very secretive; extremely unrevealing-particularly about self

7 a’s and o’s open at bottom (see arrows) = deceitfulness; fraudulent; dishonesty; lying; embezzler; not to be trusted; double dealing; hypocrisy

o Which Unique Area of Your Writing Do You Stress?

1 long upper strokes=pride/assertiveness

2 unizonal letters,a,c,e,i,m,n,o,r,s,u,v,w and x uneven=vacillating; wavers; shows indecision; inconsistent

3 large unizonal letters=sociability

4 very large unizonal letters=insistent upon having own way/exceeding sociability

5 small unizonal letters=ability to focus

6 size of unizonal letters even= consistent

7 size of unizonal letters diminish toward end=wiggles out of difficult situations

8 size of unizonal letters grow larger toward end=undiplomatic; poorly skilled in dealing with people

9 g upstroke crosses at beginning of downstroke (see arrows) = satisfied with sexuality; sexually balanced

10 g upstroke crosses very low on downstroke (see arrow)= sexually frustrated

11 gentle, even loops=kindness; pleasant

12 underlength loops, ( f,g, j, p, q, y, z) inflated=extremely pleasure oriented

13 underlength loops very long= great physical/sexual interest; very strong sexual interest

14 long underlength extensions on g and y (not looped)= strong physical/sexual interests

15 loop of g and y short=minimal sexual interest; undersexed; limited sexual interest

16 loops of g and y short and narrow=possible loss of energy or stamina

17 g and y double looped=strange habits

18 g and y pointed at bottom like blade=domestic tyranny (caused by sexual disappointment)

19 long, triangular lower loop=requires a solid material basis

20 g or y strokes swing to right instead of to left=extreme positive/negative reactions to others

21 bottom loop of g drifts leftward= needs mothering (especially with male writer)

22 lasso loops=philosophically constructive; poetic taste

23 g open at bottom= avoidance of sexual responsibility

24 ink-filled letters, especially lower loops=extremely sensuous; lustful

25 letter p made as simple stroke=strong physical/sexual interests; usually sports minded

26 underlengths distorted=sexual perversion; sexual deviation; prurient interests

o How Do You Sign Your Name?

1 large, unflourished signature=self-pride

2 flourish in signature=ostentatiousness; displays things dictated by vanity, intended to invite praise or flattery

3 ascending signature=hopefulness

4 descending signature=hopelessness

5 capital of first name larger than capital of surname=considers self on higher level than father

6 signature left of text= withdrawal; frequently retreats from social gatherings

7 signature with line covering it= self-protectiveness; self-defense

8 signature underlined= pride/self-confidence

9 endstroke underlining signature=poise; “smug”; ease and dignity of manner

10 endstroke enclosing signature=self-protectiveness; self-defense; need to be protected

11 capital of first name smaller than capital of surname=considers self on lower level than father

12 capital of married woman’s first name, larger than capital of surname, especially when ‘Mrs.’ is disregarded=considers self on higher level than husband (especially when the title “Mrs.” is missing)

o Miscellaneous Points

1 unnecessary punctuation=unnecessary need to call attention to insignificant details

2 missing letters=false presentation of facts

3 figures that can be mistaken for others=lack of clarity in money matters

4 deteriorated; falling apart=failing health

5 dim spots; blurry spots; breaks in downstrokes=physical (localized) ailment

6 bead-like dots=ill-health (physical and/or mental)

7 end of word suddenly drops=despair; loss of hope

8 curved in, indented=physical deficiency/malfunction; symptom of physical disease

9 feather-like writing= ill-health (physical and/or mental); physical weakness/unbalanced mind

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